3 Country Orchid Competition (landskamp) Denmark-Germany-Sweden
16 - 17 September, 2017
Pre-orders accepted till
September 12th
Akerne Orchids will be attending the 3 Country Orchid Competition (landskamp) Denmark-Germany-Sweden. We want to offer the opportunity to pre-order any item from our online shop and collect it from our sales stand during the event. This way you avoid paying any shipping costs.
How to pre-order?
Online Shop
Create your order as usual in our online shop. During checkout, type in the order comments field 'Landskamp pre-order'.
You will be still required to fill in a shipping address but this is for the purpose of identifying you.
Landskamp pre-order
Download our PDF Catalogue and email your order to info@akerne-orchids.com. As the email subject, type 'Landskamp pre-order' and your full name.
Landskamp pre-order - Lucas Dupont
Dear Sir,
I would like to order the following plants...
Looking forward to meeting you at the event!
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