Open Nursery Weekend 2017
3 - 4 June, 2017
Pre-orders accepted till
June 1st
Akerne Orchids will be holding its open nursery weekend on 3 - 4 June. We want to offer the opportunity to pre-order any item from our online shop and collect it from our sales stand during the event.
How to pre-order?
Online Shop
Create your order as usual in our online shop. During checkout, type in the order comments field 'Open Nursery Weekend pre-order'.
You will be still required to fill in a shipping address but this is for the purpose of identifying you.
Open Nursery Weekend pre-order
Download our PDF Catalogue and email your order to As the email subject, type 'Open Nursery Weekend pre-order' and your full name.
Open Nursery Weekend pre-order - Lucas Dupont
Dear Sir,
I would like to order the following plants...
Looking forward to meeting you during this weekend!
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Cool private orchid collection visit
Cool private orchid collection visit

The nursery is home to a unique collection of botanical orchids built up by my parents over the last 46 years containing a great number of seldom seen species.
Up til now this private collection has rarely been shown to the public but this is about to change. From this year on and only during the open nursery weekend part of the collection will be open for visits.

On Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th there will be 5 guided visits of maximum 10 people in the cool private collection, subscribe in advance via