Our Nursery

Warm/Intermediate Sales House 2.

Akerne Orchids is a family owned business, run by the owners.
The business started in 1971 as a hobby, with the purchase of the first plant : Cattleya labiata 'mossiae'. This plant is still growing happily in the private collection where it enjoys a bit of a special status.
Akerne Orchids (Akerne being the Celtic name for 'Ekeren' the village where the hobby originally started) is the only Belgian nursery highly specialising in botanical orchids.

Today Akerne Orchids has :

Over the years the Belgian nursery has acquired a solid international reputation and won many medals and prizes for the quality of its orchids and their presentation.

The 700 m² glasshouse is divided into three sections:

Right from the start a strong selection takes place, weak growers being discarded as only the strong growing orchids will in due course go to the amateur. This is of course only one of the advantages of controlling the whole production line from the seedpod on the motherplant to the flowering size plants in the sales area.

All our orchids are grown in either clay or plastic pots, baskets or mounted on cork slabs and are watered exclusively with the best flemish rainwater to which we add a well balanced fertiliser. This fertiliser is a product of Akerne Orchids.

For many years we have shipped our orchids all over the world. So for those of you who cannot visit our nursery in person, we heartily recommend our mail order service.

Happy orchid growing!
Dirk & Diane Bruyninckx - De Langhe.