Sarcochilus Kulnura Shades '50' x Kulnura Rusty 'Pink Red'

Price: 15,00 €
  • XL Extra large plant
  • NFS Near flowering size
  • FS Flowering size plant
  • BD Backdivision with new a growth
  • F1 1 year from flowering
  • F1-2 1-2 years from flowering
  • F2 2 years from flowering
  • F2-3 2-3 years from flowering
  • F3 3 years from flowering
  • F3+ 3 or more years from flowering
  • .. cm Natural leafspan (from tip to tip)
  • W Warm house
    Day 24
    Night 16
  • I Intermediate house
    Day 16-18
    Night 12-14
  • C Cool house
    Day 15-16
    Night 8-10

One of the key breeding lines is the development of the early flowering types. This cross is aimed at bringing the Sarcochilus season back into the early spring. 'Pink Red' has had an enormous impact on this program. Both in flowering time and imparting recessive red genes. Expect early reds and patterning from this cross.

Note: seedlings vary in colour and not all of them will resemble the parent plants.