Sarcochilus Kulnura Opus (= Kulnura Symphony 'Yellow Tinge' x Kulnura Kaleidescope 'Pink Ridge')

Price: 15,00 €
  • XL Extra large plant
  • NFS Near flowering size
  • FS Flowering size plant
  • BD Backdivision with new a growth
  • F1 1 year from flowering
  • F1-2 1-2 years from flowering
  • F2 2 years from flowering
  • F2-3 2-3 years from flowering
  • F3 3 years from flowering
  • F3+ 3 or more years from flowering
  • .. cm Natural leafspan (from tip to tip)
  • W Warm house
    Day 24
    Night 16
  • I Intermediate house
    Day 16-18
    Night 12-14
  • C Cool house
    Day 15-16
    Night 8-10

If you're looking for something different, this is it! This one has the full range, orange, pink, red, yellow and white. Get a few of these to see the variation and possibilities.

Note: seedlings vary in colour and not all of them will resemble the parent plants.