Sarcochilus Fairy x Kulnura Gizmo

Price: 25,00 €
  • XL Extra large plant
  • NFS Near flowering size
  • FS Flowering size plant
  • BD Backdivision with new a growth
  • F1 1 year from flowering
  • F1-2 1-2 years from flowering
  • F2 2 years from flowering
  • F2-3 2-3 years from flowering
  • F3 3 years from flowering
  • F3+ 3 or more years from flowering
  • .. cm Natural leafspan (from tip to tip)
  • W Warm house
    Day 24
    Night 16
  • I Intermediate house
    Day 16-18
    Night 12-14
  • C Cool house
    Day 15-16
    Night 8-10

= Fairy 'Scarlet' x Kulnura Gizmo 'Big Salmon Pink'


By combining Fairy 'Scarlet' with Kulnura Gizmo we are looking to bring the depth of colour from it parents (Zoe and Kulnura Dazzel). We expect reds on long stems from vigorous plants.


Note: seedlings vary in colour and not all of them will resemble the parent plants.