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Dendrobium moniliforme
  • Dendrobium moniliforme

Dendrobium moniliforme

Size: Flowering size

Species/Hybrid: Species

Distribution: Himalaya to Temperate East Asia: China South-Central, China North-Central, China Southeast, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Assam, Bangladesh, East Himalaya, Nepal, West Himalaya, Myanmar, Vietnam

Light requirement: Semi-shade

Temperature range: 5-25 °C

Flowering period: I - VIII

Scented: Yes

Callista candida
Callista japonica
Callista moniliformis
Callista spathacea
Dendrobium candidum
Dendrobium castum
Dendrobium catenatum
Dendrobium crispulum
Dendrobium heishanense
Dendrobium japonicum
Dendrobium kosepangii
Dendrobium monile
Dendrobium moniliforme f. alboviolaceum
Dendrobium moniliforme var. malipoense
Dendrobium nienkui
Dendrobium spathaceum
Dendrobium taiwanianum
Dendrobium yunnanense
Dendrobium zonatum
Epidendrum monile
Epidendrum moniliferum
Epidendrum moniliforme
Limodorum monile
Onychium japonicum
Ormostema albiflora

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