Rhyncholaelia glauca
  • Rhyncholaelia glauca

Rhyncholaelia glauca


Rhyncholaelia glauca is a captivating orchid native to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and southeastern Honduras.

It grows epiphytically on trees at 900-1500 meters above sea level in open mountainous forests in intermediate to warm temperatures. Characterized by slender pseudobulbs and narrow, leathery leaves, each pseudobulb produces a remarkable bloom with a unique light pistachio creamy colour and a red marking inside the lip.

Care involves well-draining media, humidity, and filtered light to mimic its natural environment.

For orchid enthusiasts seeking elegance and rarity, Rhyncholaelia glauca is a distinctive choice.

Size: Flowering size

Species/Hybrid: Species

Distribution: South Mexico to Honduras: Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southwest, Mexico Southeast, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras

Light requirement: Bright

Temperature range: 12-25 °C

Flowering period: I - IV

Scented: Yes

Brassavola glauca
Bletia glauca
Laelia glauca

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