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Cattleya and allied genera

Explore the exquisite beauty of Cattleya orchids and their allied genera, including Laelia and Sophronitis. Known for their large, showy blooms and delightful fragrances, these orchids are prized by enthusiasts worldwide. While some species and hybrids boast impressive, large flowers, others offer smaller blooms that are equally charming. With a variety of colors and forms, from vibrant purples to delicate pinks and whites, Cattleya orchids add elegance and charm to any orchid collection or garden. Their robust nature makes them well-suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation in temperate climates.

Discover our collection and find the perfect Cattleya or allied orchid to enhance your botanical oasis.

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LAST ITEMS LAST ITEMS Barkeria scandens
LAST ITEMS LAST ITEMS Brassavola tuberculata
Brassocatanthe Sun Mei Gold 'Sun Spots'
Brassocattleya (Bc. Lilliputian Princess x C. iricolor)
Brassocattleya Binosa 'Exotic Lime'
Brassocattleya Frenchy's Blue Lagoon
Cattleya (Monte Elegante x Black Jack) 'Zebra'
Cattleya Andean Moon
Cattleya angereri
Cattleya Bella del Caribe 'Exotic Ruby'
LAST ITEMS LAST ITEMS Cattleya brevipedunculata
Cattleya Canhamiana
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Cattleya cernua

Cattleya cernua

Cattleya colnagoi
Cattleya dowiana var. aurea